Connecting Home-School Communication

The School-to-home communication solution you need

TAPPS is designed for schools to manage children’s education and the communication between parents and teachers. It is an innovative tool for teachers to relay information to the parents. With TAPPS, parents can keep track of their children’s development effortlessly.

Optimize time

Saves up to 1 hour per day per staff member.

Optimize cost

It is paperless!

Optimize your business

Increase enrollment and parent satisfaction with technology.

Boost efficiency

Streamline your day using a QR code and a Bluetooth thermometer to capture daily attendance.

Engage families

Keep parents up to date by sharing pictures and live posts of moments in class

All-in-one platform

Review school events, holidays, assessment reports, billing reminders, & learning achievements with ease.


The edutapps impact is measurable

of users

would recommend TAPPS to a director, teacher, or parent.

of parents

are more satisfied while using TAPPS to supervise their children at school.

Paper Reduction

manage data digitally on a single platform with TAPPS.