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Manage students, activities, families, and business - all from one app.

Engage parents.
Empower staff

• Improved school administration.
• Barrier-free communication for parents and teachers.
• Receive feedback and updates.


You've got the knowledge, we've got the tools

  • Plan learning experiences for the week.
  • Link development skills from your framework to activities.
  • Share program plans with parents.


  • Easily document observations of children’s development.
  • Add photos, notes and milestones.
  • Share with parents in real time.


  • Review children’s portfolio and assessment
  • Regular engagement with parents

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Daily Log

Teachers can capture daily attendance using a QR code and Bluetooth thermometer. Mark daily performances and appetite using their mobile phone.


Staff can send out announcements to keep parents posted on school updates!


Teachers are able to share pictures and post to keep record of children learning moment or noticeable learning progress for parents to download.


Parents can receive billing reminders, pay bills, and download official receipts.


Equipped with National Preschool Curriculum Standard (KSPK) assessment template, teachers can share pictures and posts with parents to keep records of children’s learning moments or noticeable learning progress.


Parents can keep track of children’s daily learning activities, upcoming school events and holidays.


Administration Panel

User Access Control – Granting different levels of authorized accessibility for assigned admins and users.

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