Senice Lim, Principal of Little Sunshine Childcare Centre
“TAPPS has been helpful. It has become easy for me to proceed with announcements and handling payment matters”


Chin Shu Fang, Principal of Tadika Seri Agus
“TAPPS reduces the usage of papers for announcements and student’s learning report. While most
parents are busy with their jobs, we were able to communicate with them about the children’s learning
progress, observation and report assessments by using the instant messaging feature in TAPPS.”


Nurul Shafinas, Supervisor of Choo Choo Train

“It’s easy to upload observations and create billing. It makes my work easier and the feature for keeping or deleting student records is simple to use.”


Janet Choy, Principle of Tadika Yu Yu

“The feature for school announcements and recording student data is easy to use. Managing
student data, reports and performances is easier. So far, my experience with TAPPS is good.”


Goh Mei Fang, Principle of Tadika Bintang Premier

“I like the billing and memo for parents features. It’s easy for parents to check their notices.”


Lai Siow Sueh, Principle of Tadika Gaya Berjaya

“TAPPS reduces administrative and managerial work on documentations. It’s efficient and time-saving for student evaluations, reporting, teachers’ assessments, and mentoring system.”


Wilson Ting, Manager of Taska Little Caterpillar

“TAPPS helps us keep track of our children from the time they check-in until they check-out. It provides
interactive forms for parents and helps make our work more organized.”


Nur Aina Syasya, Supervisor of Choo Choo Train Setia Impian

“TAPPS is pretty advanced and easy to use on the go. It makes my work easier so I can focus on other tasks.”


Chow Wai Foong, Teacher of Tadika Gaya Berjaya

“It standardizes my work, making administrative work more systematic and presentable to parents.”


Pamela Phang, Principle of Tadika Yume Sdn Bhd

“TAPPS helps to simplify children’s temperature recording which is an improvement from previous methods.”


Aisha Zanariah Abdullah, Principle of Sri Kayangan Montessori

“It simplifies attendance and billings, making our work more efficient.”